Safety is a broad field that touches all organizations. Safety Consulting & Compliance Corp. has developed a similarly broad array of services to meet a wide variety of safety needs. What is common to all of our services, however, is that they are not canned documents and quick fixes. Whether it is a Corporate Health And Safety Program, NFPA 70E-compliant training, or a Loss Control Survey, SCC devotes attention to each client and their specific needs, so that every page is not only relevant, but makes for better work than before.


The foundation of a safe operation is having a formal, written safety manual that includes all of your policies, your detailed programs for dealing with the challenges specific to the situations your people encounter, and exacting procedures that eliminate guesswork and cause for error from the tasks your people perform. Learn more.


Training is ideally conducted in a group of approximately 20 individuals, with up to 8 hours of training performed in a day, depending on legal restrictions and additional considerations. A single day of training may include multiple training topics or trainee groups in appropriate circumstances. Most trainings are roughly divided evenly between lecture and application. Training can be conducted at client facilities, or at convention centers, as appropriate. Learn more.

Site Safety

Work performed by your employees or subcontractors at locations you do not own or control can leave you exposed to a wide variety of hazards. We specialize in providing highly qualified and experienced safety professionals who can observe, report, and help you correct problems before they become disasters. Learn more.

Safety Audits

While the foundation of a safe operation is its programs, they must be followed and supported by your employees and subcontractors. We can provide convenient and effective Safety Audits to check that your operations comply with not only OSHA, but also industry standards and, critically, your own policies. Learn more.

Meetings & Consultations

Whether you have a safety committee that needs assistance, a client who requires expert safety participation, or an OSHA hearing, we are able to provide you with the expert advice and support you need to move your projects and organization forward. Learn more.

Meetings &

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